Chris Clark, CPC, ELI-MP

Founder & Lead Practitioner


I've spent over 10 years as a manager and executive in the public sector. The crazy thing is that I started out as a translator. I first became a manager when the former manager retired, and no one else wanted the job. I loved it, but I was really bad at it. But I learned a lot about leadership and got better. Then I got more management jobs and learned more. I got pretty good at turning around low morale environments, and began focussing on change management and building positive cultures. 


Working in change management first exposed me to how to create work environments that were likely to be positive, respectful and engaging, and my passion is working with aspiring leaders to help create these environments for themselves and others, so that people can be productive in low-stress environments. I studied Organization Development and Change Management at York University's Schulich Executive Education Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and earned my coaching certification from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, where I also became certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. 

Hi, and thanks for dropping by!


We’re Chris and Fiona, and we started Living Being Coaching to offer a bit of a different spin on leadership coaching.


Here's the deal. When I (Chris) started as a manager, I was completely unprepared. I went from only needing to take care of my own work to having to manage a team of 20 people, from one day to the next. Yikes!


Along the way, I learned a lot, because I made a ton of mistakes. Then as I moved onto other roles, I made more mistakes. Then I moved to a new city. Then I had a family. And before I knew it, I was losing control at work, losing control at home, and not feeling like myself. The hours were piling up, as were the pounds on my waistline, and I started to feel in over my head, and focusing more on surviving than thriving. Sound familiar? 


This is why we started Living Being Coaching. We want you to be a great leader, because great leaders get things done and make the world a better place. We also know that stress, conflicting priorities, challenging workplaces, fitness, nutrition, sleep habits, family demands and and just straight up not having enough hours in the day can get in the way of being a great leader. This is why our programs not only coach you on the art of leadership, but help you work on every aspect of your life to be the person you need to be, to do what you need to do. 


Have a look at our programs and services to help you LOOK, FEEL, and ACT like a leader. Call us for a free, no-obligation chat about your needs and goals. Get coached, then go out and change the world! 

Who do we work with?

Are you:

  • Someone who aspires to be a manager or leader?

  • A new manager, responsible for managing others for the first time?

  • Someone who recently went through a job change you might not feel totally ready for?

  • Someone who wants to have more influence on the job?

  • Someone who has a lot of great ideas, but might need a shot of energy or confidence to get started?

  • Someone who works in a toxic workplace, and wants to be part of the solution?

If so, we want to hear from you! Please contact us for a free, no-obligation chat about which of our service offerings could help you be the leader that you want to be!





Talk soon,

Chris and Fiona

Fiona Robertson-Clark, PTS, HWL

Fitness and Nutritional Consultant

For 15 years, I've worked with a variety of senior leaders and saw the way they pushed themselves to succeed. It's definitely a challenging gig, and I've seen many days where executives fuelled themselves with coffee and doughnuts, chips and candy to get through the day, or came into the office already spent from having tossed and turned all night, or stayed up too late to catch up on emails.

My goal is to use my health and fitness background (and all-around upbeat personality!) to help leaders get better control over that physical aspect of their health. It's amazing how much being physically healthy helps with all areas of life, including leadership of others, family, friends, and I can't wait to work with you to get meaningful results!

I am a CanFitPro certified personal trainer and healthy eating and weight loss coach. My interest in fitness and nutrition started with my own struggles with my health and part of that came from difficulty balancing work-life balance. In addition, I have an innate desire to help others and learn. 

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